Great tours and some really interesting stuff to see has put Wellington’s Weta Workshop on the top 10 list of world film studio tours.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper has ranked the Weta tours alongside other Hollywood tours and Leavesden studios near London, where much of the Harry Potter magic was woven.

Weta staff are really chuffed about being named amongst the world’s greatest, but it hasn’t happened without a heap of hard work says Weta’s general manager, Dave Wilks.

“For Weta studio tours to be included in a list alongside Warner Brothers tours is awesome. I know our crew go out of their way every day to provide great experiences for visitors. It’s terrific for us to have their hard work recognised on a global stage like this.”

The Workshop tour takes visitors on a journey through the creative process as told by a crew member.

It includes authentic film props, costumes, miniatures, creatures and vehicles, and you can often catch a glimpse of work being done inside the workshop through a series of windows.