So the judges are in and the knives are out. Behind the scenes there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Will Wellington on a Plate ever be the same?

Well, in this writer’s humble opinion, why should it?

Over the years Wellington has done a fantastic job of reinventing itself in all kinds of ways and if this year’s culinary outcry is to be heard then the ‘rules’ governing this highly popular food fest are in for a whopping.

Surely if all this outcry results a better deal for everyone then we here at NZTT say go for it, and more power to you all.

It’s not that we specially agree with the critics mind you but our thinking is that things anywhere never get better unless those that want to be heard have their say and those with the power actually listen.

In this case chefs all over the city need to get out of the kitchen and leave their butcher blocks behind. Pill popping in the pantry won’t help here.

It’s a great festival! Lets make it better!

You can check out this years results on the WOAP Face Book page.

Go there and ask yourself – are their too many burgers?