WARNING: Watch carefully where you park in NZ’s largest cities, and several smaller towns as well. Getting it wrong could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Some wheel clamping companies are taking kick-backs from local business owners and nearby residents for calling in the number plates of vehicles parked in a restricted area. The problem is especially evident in Auckland.

Don’t get caught this way.

If you do, you are likely to find the wheel clamping company rude and unreasonable. When you park, make sure there are no “unauthorised parking” or “toway” signs anywhere near.

You may think you are safe because you are parking after hours and the business you are parking in front of only operates 9am to 5pm but if there are warning signs you run the risk of coming back from dinner to find your car clamped. Worst of all it could be a nearby business competitor, (or low paid waitress) that texted in your number plate!

Update: 11/10/2017
We first wrote about this issue five years ago but this New Zealand Herald article shows that the problem still exists.