Freedom camping is one of the most talked about NZ tourism activities but unfortunately the comments aren’t all good.

Why? Because they make a mess. In some cases, a whole lot of mess and it gets the locals really upset.

Headlines in media around the country often show the difficulties residents have had to face with random freedom campers turning up in spots where they don’t belong, overstaying their welcome or just ignoring local by-laws.

Over the last few years problems around Nelson, Christchurch, New Plymouth and Queenstown have all contributed to the revamping of local laws and an overall tightening of restrictions governing freedom camping.

But the good news – you can still do it!

When it comes to tourists there isn’t a country on earth that doesn’t sometimes attract an unruly segment but, to be fair, many travellers in New Zealand simply don’t know the rules – and that applies to both New Zealanders and international travellers alike.

A dedicated web site has now been established to assist the freedom camping fraternity know where they can camp and what the rules govern different camp sites.

To find out all you need to know got to and there you will discover details that affect both the campervan fraternity, the VW microbus types and more.

The home page provides a link to some handy apps you can download so you can carry all the critical information around with you on your phone.

So, what are our two essential tips for freedom campers in New Zealand?
1. Go to
2. Download the camping app that suits you.