The Ohiwa Oyster Farm roadside stopover serves up some good Kiwi grub in one of New Zealand’s most iconic spots.

For those that have yet to pass this way all we can say is that you’re in for a real treat and we’re not just talking about the oysters either.

This is one of those rare Kiwi locations that still hark back to the way things once were – back in the days when all Kiwis took places like this for granted.

Located near the top of the massive Ohiwa Harbour this simple roadside restaurant is only a few minutes drive from Ohope beach.

If you’re in a rush you can just go for a takeaway but if you want to absorb the real ambiance of this magic spot then take a seat by the water (tidal estuary) and watch the world go by.

The oysters on offer here are grown only a matter of metres away so they’re always fresh. Other delicacies on offer include smoked fresh fish, kumara chips, squid and mussels and more.

And, if none of that takes your fancy, you can always settle for a good old steak burger or some bacon and eggs.