Jane Seddon shipwreck, Motueka, New Zealand.
Photo: Shellie Evans

New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise and camera clickers like Shellie Evans has produced absolute proof that there are thousands of New Zealand photo opportunities to explore.

The body of work she has now amassed on Flickr is a stunning tribute, not only to the country she travels in but to her own ability as a skilled practitioner of the photographic craft.

I only know Shellie by the images she displays on public forums, so this piece is purely intended as a brief appraisal of the work she has created and a firm recommendation that you should check it out if you haven’t already done so.

The volume of it is staggering and, if she continues, might eventually equate with the likes of America’s Carol M. Highsmith who, over many years, snapped thousands of images all over the US and then donated them to the Library of Congress.

What Shellie has done is something different. She regularly updates her flickr account and has now developed a considerable following for what she displays.

It’s an excellent example of how photographers now show their work to the world and there’s a special benefit attached to it – instant feedback. Shellie has been posting on Flickr since 2007 and her images have now earned well over four million views and a heap of well-deserved praise.

Words like, “simply stunning”, “beautiful”, “brilliant shot” abound throughout the comments made of her work which ranges from landscapes to bird life.

She has a fascination with historic churches and provides some excellent examples of buildings that most of us will never stop to see, let alone go out of our way to discover for ourselves.

Shellie’s pictures are worthy not only for their growing iconic value but also have significant promotional appeal.

The places she stops off at will rarely, if ever, be discovered by more commercial photographers but are accessible to almost any traveller looking for an off road or back country experience.

Shellie travels New Zealand full time with husband Dave in their Ultima fifth-wheeler “Out There” and “living the dream” as she describes it in her blog.

Her mostly remote locations often provide unique photographic opportunities but would be wasted if not combined with such significant talent.

In a similar manner to the well-respected Carol Highsmith, Shellie Evans is now developing what has already become a New Zealand national treasure.

NZ Falcon/Karearea- Poolburn Dam, Central Otago.|
Photo: Shellie Evans