New Zealand might have some lonely corners but if you’re planning to stay along any of its regular routes, make sure you book your accommodation first.

New Zealand is a busy tourist destination and the main holiday centres can have thousands of people holidaying at any one time.

Obviously, summer is the busiest with people, both local and international, hunting for that quiet beach spot but winter can be very busy too.

New Zealand’s ski fields attract people from all over the country and from around the world.

It is well recognised that New Zealand’s accommodation facilities are under pressure and you only need to consider our annual arrival statistics to get an idea of how big the issue is.

In the year ending May 2018 New Zealand had 3,805,000 international arrivals, mostly from Australia, China, USA, UK, Germany and Japan.

The same period featured a 12% rise in Chinese visitors to 448,000 and a 10% rise in UK visitor numbers to 251,000.

International visitors are mostly familiar with booking airfares in advance and even main centre accommodation but if you are thinking of picking up a vehicle and staying where the mood takes you, then you could be out of luck.

We strongly advise you to book before you go.