Relax in the naturally heated waters of Kerosene Creek, just 35 minutes south of Rotorua, where hot springs and a freshwater stream meet to create soothing bath-like waters. Photo: Vaughan Brookfield

Kerosene Creek near Rotorua has all the benefits of a hot spring spa but still retains the natural beauty of a freshwater creek.

The pool has a gravel base which is ideal for a good foot massage and the water bubbles up to tickle the toes.

This is a naturally steamy waterslide and pool situated under a beautiful forest canopy. The pool can be busy all year round because, even in winter, pool goers are eager to seek out the benefits of taking a free freshwater spa.

This venue is popular with locals and tourists alike and at times can attract large numbers of people eager for a soak. To find this great little spot head from Rotorua towards Taupo on State Highway 5.

After about 30km, look out for Old Waiotapu Road. About 2km down the gravel road there’s a grass verge where you can park. From there, a short track leads to the creek.

Kerosene Creek