Jucy Rentals expects to open New Zealand’s first pod hotel near its current Christchurch business operation this October.

The new 200 plus bed facility will be located near Christchurch airport is styled on back-packer typ accommodation.

It will be modern but no-frills and similar to pod projects now common in Japan and the United States.

When the company first announced the project in December 2014 a spokesman said the price of an overnight stay would be around $30 but, at this point, there is no update on what the final rate will be.

The vision was to provide three types of rooms.

“The first is a dorm-like, a backpacker-type, dorm, but instead of it being a whole bunch of beds in a room, we have individual capsular-type design – very similar to what they have in Japan, for example,” Jucy Rentals chief executive, Tim Alpes, said.