Airbnb has dramatically enhanced local travel opportunities with the launch of its Experiences programme across New Zealand.

Experiences allow travellers to enjoy insider access by offering specially handcrafted activities, designed and led by inspiring locals.

They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in each host’s unique world. It’s an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise with others.

Now, passionate New Zealanders throughout the country can pursue their interests on Airbnb and become micro-entrepreneurs.

The Experiences programme launched globally in 2016 and after a pilot run in Queenstown last year is now being offered across the country.

Locals can register to become an Experience host and gain access to Airbnb’s massive global network of over 300 million travellers.
Experiences gives travellers insider access to some great locals who act as their personal hosts.

Experiences currently on offer range from creating your own piece of movie magic to learning the Haka to travelling down a black sand beach and playing with iron sand.

Airbnb welcomed more than 1.9 million guest arrivals into New Zealand in 2017, an average growth of 71 percent year-on-year.

Some of the experiences on offer include:

Create Your Own Skincare Oil

Learn the Haka

Learn to Sculpt with Weta

The Magic of Titanomagnitite

Locals from all over New Zealand can now apply to become an Experience host. Earnings vary of course but can be up to $1200 per month and beyond for those running tours three to five days a week with six guests.